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CAD Crowd is an online matching service that helps companies hire global CAD workers, literally saving your company tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Imagine a global team saving you thousands of dollars on engineering work. Hire designers for CAD, CAM & CAE and get work quotes in 24-hours.

CAD Crowd focuses on helping companies hire contract CAD designers for engineering services in a variety of industries.

CAD Crowd is a Canadian company located in Calgary, Alberta and has built connections with reputable engineering firms globally that provide first-class work. These providers hold international accreditations and certifications and complete projects at a very low cost. The cost savings can be tremendous as companies can save up to 85% on labour cost through using CAD Crowd compared to domestic in-house staff.

CAD Crowd has service providers that can work in all major engineering areas.

Our experts work in a variety of industries with the major areas including:
1. Architecture and structural engineering
2. Civil engineering
3. Mechanical engineering

CAD Crowd Sells Trusted Providers

How does CAD Crowd help? In addition to cost efficiency, CAD Crowd helps with the following:
• Focusing on your business’ core functions.
• Acquiring new skills.
• Focus on strategy.
• Avoid major investments.
• Handle overflow situations and cyclical work.
• Improve flexibility.
• Enhance credibility through accreditation

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